Global Shopping

Shaun Greenblo is the Founder of Cuzin, a social media site like Facebook with a shopping platform.

The concept is simple, find the product you want anywhere in the world and post it on the Cuzin site.

You're now a "wanter", a "getter" who can find that product for you will let you know and the price.

Just like ringing a friend or relative in a foreign country to find you what you want, but this time it's a complete stranger.

Shaun says "you rate Cuzins at every transaction so you're never going to buy from an untrusted seller. We're keeping everybody in the community honest and safe so you actually feel like you're using a family member to help you shop. Our platform facilitates a one to one transaction, you're using a person and that person is shopping in their local country. So they have access to what they usually have access to and through them you are getting access to whatever they have access to."

For the Wanters it's a chance to buy products you can't get delivered here, but for others- the getters it can be a way of making some extra money.