Gifted Kids

Like thousands of kids, 6 year olds Anoushka and Aarnav excitedly started year one last week but these Perth twins are in a class of their own.

Maneesha and Vineesh Gupta first noticed something unusual when the twins were just 18 months old. "They had a very good memory and they could recall bedtime stories that were told months earlier and if I told a slightly different version I would be corrected."

At two, Anoushka declared she'd be going to university. By four, she'd developed an interest in chemistry and mathematics and mastered her times tables.

The siblings have both been admitted to Mensa, Anoushka's IQ is 154 that's in the top 99.98 per cent of the population.

Aarnav's is 137, or the top 99.13 per cent.

"IQ scores over 130 generally are considered gifted and anything from then on would be considered exceptional and profoundly and so on." says child psychologist, Karen King. "Every person who is identified as intellectually gifted is likely to have some struggles."

She warns that intellectual intelligence is one thing, emotional intelligence is just as important. "Parents and teachers are going to be blown away by their amazing intellect and their curiosity and their cognitive ability to solve problems, but we also want children to grow up to be really healthy, emotionally strong individuals."

The twins' parents say they battle to satisfy the constant thirst for learning and the education system can't cope with the children's unique abilities. "They have got hundreds of questions; they come up with so many. The questions are so complex that we literally have to sit down and explain to them, they are not simple ones."

A regular at the local library, Anoushka has read more than 200 books in the past two months.

The year one student has just been accepted into year 5 maths.

If you think you have a gifted child, IQ can be tested from 18 months, but experts say six is the ideal age for testing.

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