Gene Diet

It's the brave new world of medicine, unlocking our genetic secrets, to improve our health.

Sharon Palmer from Perth clinic "Fit Genes" carries out genetic testing. A mouth swab, sent off for analysis, then an individual treatment plan depending on the results. Sharon Palmer says "You can modify the activity of those genes, so you can turn it up and you can turn it down, a little bit like a dimmer switch and the way you're doing that is the choices that you're making around your diet, your exercise, and your supplements."

Perth grandmother Pat Lilleyman has had breast cancer, skin cancer and her thyroid removed.

Genetic testing revealed problems with the genes in Pat's liver. The genetic results pinpointed forty foods that would improve Pat's health, with broccoli by far the best.

Pat overhauled her diet, nuts and seeds for breakfast organic fruit and veg, eggs and meat for lunch and dinner. At 72, Pat's feeling as fit as ever.

Michael Gannon says "Regular exercise is important, drinking more water, drinking less alcohol, drinking less caffeine, a balanced diet full of fruit and vegies. That's advice I can give you without a genetic test." Doctor Michael Gannon from the Australian Medical Association has big concerns with genetic testing, which costs upwards of two thousand dollars. "We're concerned about any story which says you take a couple of thousand dollars off people to get a genetic blueprint to tell you something that any GP can tell you or any sensible Mum can tell you."

Sharon Palmer believes doctors will embrace the testing and it'll become common. "You will not make a single decision around your health without first going back to your genetic test (6) so your doctor will not prescribe medication until they've looked at your genes."

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