Gender Prices

Women are being short changed at the checkout - paying more than men for everything from razors to chocolate to moisturise. "I think if someone goes to the supermarket they might be happy to pay a dollar more once off but think about it over your lifetime - you could be paying thousands and thousands more - and that's just not fair." It's already illegally in California and New York to price discriminate- and the French government has launched an investigation into gender mark ups.

"I think it's an issue where companies know they can get away with charging more so they are - and they're getting away with it - and they don't think we'll notice the price gap - and I think consumers need to tell companies they have noticed and they won't stand for it." Campaign organisation 'Get up' challenge politicians and big business - and fight inequality on behalf of ordinary Australians. Assistant Campaign Director Kelsey Cooke says this is just another example of sexism. "Here in Australia women are already paid almost 20 percent less than their male counterparts - so I think first of all that needs to change - but we also need to make sure women aren't being charged far more for the same products."