Fruit & Veg Hampers

Reporter: Cassie Silver

It's the healthy hamper fresh and for free. Airport City Church Pastor Ken Fletcher says they're giving back to the community in the form of fruit and veg.

Once considered staple items now a luxury with Fruit and vegetables prices going up 6-10% eating fresh proving just too expensive.

But this time charity is chipping in.

From pumpkins to potatos, oranges to onions.

Ken says "We're really looking to help those who need it and thats why we will be asking and cite the concession card or pension card or centrelink card coz they're the people we really want to target"

And families not only enjoy the fruit but the festivities aswell. "Jumping castles there and lolly pops for the kids but we're also gonna put on morning tea so anybody who would like to stop and have some nice morning tea sit down and get looked after we would love to do that aswell"


Airport City Church



Fruit and Vegetable hampers available from 9am Saturday 6th April

Seniors from 9am

Concession and Centrelink card holders encouraged from 10am