Reporter: Cassie Silver

We've become a real throwaway society when we wear out our favourites we flick them. "A lot of people are time poor and they don't have time to sell things or they don't want to sell things this is a good way of just moving on items that aren't useful to you anymore"

Perth school teacher and mother Stephanie Grey, moderates Freecycle--a way to change people's lives without a charge.

"You can list anything. Anything that is a useable item it might be useable to other people but not useable to you anymore." So if you don't need it someone will. The process is simple log on and list away.

Freecycle is aimed at reducing landfill so toss it to a family not your front verge. Keep Australia Beautiful WA Chairman, Mel Hay says dumping is costing WA millions.

Mother of 2, Natalie Smith says kids outgrow clothes within months. "Even though you can go to salvos and pay 2 or 3 dollars even for some families that's still a lot so it's good if we can pass it on for free."

Natalie has found a furniture, toys and clothes through Freecycle all second hand scores from the community.

The organisation is worldwide and with over 8000 Perth members. Freecycle is helping families and making friendships

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