Fat Blaster

It's the latest technique helping to budge the most stubborn of bulges. The machine is called Vanquish. Nurse Deborah Selway says she's the first in Australia to use it here at her Perth clinic Rejuva. Today, Grandmother Annette Gray and photographer Robbie Merritt are trialling the device. Annette says no matter how much exercise or healthy eating, her middle age spread simply won't shift. Robbie says he's spent more than twenty years trying to trim his tummy.

The machine is placed over the stomach region to target fat cells by heating them and destroying them. The dead fat cells are disposed of by the body's normal excretion processes. Each treatment lasts about half an hour and Annette and Robbie will be back once a week for four weeks. And the moment of truth, in just one month, Annette lost a massive sixteen centimetres from around her stomach. And remember what Robbie's tummy looked like four weeks ago? He shrinks by ten centimetres. "Looking at the scientific literature there is some evidence in early studies that the cells do indeed go through a cycle of destruction there is an inflammatory response created." Dietician and Physiologist Angus Stewart from Edith Cowan University say Vanquish is safe so long as it's used by a qualified operator. "Some people might see it as a quick fix as a short cut, just pay some money and have some weight reduction, but in reality, it probably will be more use as a cosmetic sculpting tool." But according to Angus the results will only last if followed up with a healthy lifestyle. As for Annette and Robbie, they're blown away by the results.

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