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Reporter: Natalie Bonjolo

The workout is hard core but Shaun Baxter is harder. From a young age Shaun was supremely fit, athlete, AFL footy player, Gladiator.

Now, he runs a gladiator inspired jungle gym a kind of boot camp for the entire family. It's a passion for exercise he wants to pass onto as many people as possible; a passion that quiet possibly saved his own life.

The youngest player on the team, Shaun's battle with cancer was laid bare in the documentary "year of the dogs", about the Western Bulldogs. Against the odds Shaun survived becoming a role model for kids with cancer and while the disease eventually ended his footy career he refused to let it, end his life.

Out-muscling thousands of athletes to compete in the Gladiator series. Then, just when the personal trainer thought he'd beaten the odds two years ago, he was hit by another blow. "I've been diagnosed with another disease called HAE, hereditary Ango Adema ... too put it short i stoop breathing within 15 minutes if an attack comes on"

Each time the incredibly rare condition strikes is a life and death emergency. Shaun says "i pretty much got my surgeon on speed dial, he speed dials emergency theatre and just says cut his throat and stick a tube down him while he's awake, otherwise he won't be here much longer" but despite this latest diagnosis Shaun is fighting back in the only way he knows how. "You have more energy through exercise and i love and breathe and experience that"

With wife Carmen, Shaun's now using his skills to motivate families to get fit including their boys Tyler and Billy. "This is not a gym where you leave the kids in the crèche, this is a gym where you come and exercise with your kids" It's called parkour a fitness regime that involves, leaping, climbing, and jumping and it's not just for kids. Carmen says "parents can train while kids are downstairs being proactive and healthy and parents being upstairs"

"You get to see what they do and they always look up to see if you've watched their latest trick" Chris brings both his boys here and kills two birds with one stone. "Most people drop their kids at footy or soccer and watch or wave the flags, but here you get to exercise at the same time as your kids" It's a setup that makes mums and dads the ultimate role model by making fitness fun they hope to encourage others to exercise. For Shaun it's the best weapon to fight whatever life throws your way.

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