Energy Saving

Energy bills cost the average family around two thousand dollars a year, forty dollars week. But most households waste hundreds of dollars.

Most households and business I have visited could easily reduce their energy bills by 20-30%. In some cases can reduce it by as much as 60%. The average household can easily save many hundreds of dollars a year on their electricity and gas bills with a household like this you can save thousands of dollars.

John Dee's written a free power-saving guide, EnergyCut and he's showing father of 6, Troy Edwards how to shave fifty per cent off his four thousand dollar plus annual spend. "Look at these bills they are twelve hundred dollars plus. We need to try and get these bills down. Reckon we can do that? Yep."

First rules: study your bills and monitor usage.

If household members are conscious of how much appliances consume they can use them more wisely - less often and dramatically reduce power costs. The energy monitor costs from just thirty dollars.

"The absolute simplest thing to do to save money this winter on heating costs is to control your thermostat, set it to 18-20 degrees because every degree you go above 20, that is an increase of 10% to your heating costs."

Halogen down-lights heat up to 370 degrees - so expensive to run and a fire hazard. Replace them with LEDs that last up to 25 times longer and use 80% less energy.

The Aussie weekend drinks fridge - a big energy waster, especially when it's exposed to the sun - on a deck or in a garage. "Well the simple way to save money is get one of these ten dollar plug timers and this will program it so your fridge only comes on weekends. That will save you a huge amount of money."

Same with the spa - use only on weekends. And turn off appliances when not in use, like Wi-Fi and the entertainment system. An Eco Switch extension can be connected to the back of the unit for easy access to turn off the power.

But the most effective measure by far - investing in alternative energy. John Dee says "the best way to protect ourselves from rising energy prices is to invest in solar power. There are now 1.3 million roof tops in Australia generating solar power. It is a really good way to really significantly reduce your energy bills." Just doing a few simple things saves Troy a total of $1,335

Energy Cut

John Dee