Electric Cars

Zippy, quiet, and completely run on electricity and this, is the ride of the future.

Retiree Frank Lister is taking me for a spin in Perth's first fully electric Tesla imported from America

It looks like any other snazzy sports car but there's no engine, no gears and no fuel tank.

Frank powers his battery overnight, fully charged he can travel 480 kms more than any other electric car on the planet, at the cutting edge of technology the car costs around 130 thousand dollars.

At the moment there are around 100 electric cars on WA roads, The Australian Electric Vehicle Association's Chris Jones hopes that number will grow.

Chris reckons you can love cars, and the environment.

According to the RAC's Alex Forrest there's already 23 charging stations around the suburbs.

Right now, most electric cars are city bound because they can only go about 100 kms per charge. "One of the major limitations of electric cars at the moment is range ... for those people wanting or needing to travel more than say 150 kilometres in a conventional electric car, you know, that might be a bit of an issue."

There are other limitations...

Depending on your charger, filling up can take hours...

And there are fewer options.

The cheapest electric car is around forty thousand dollars brand new, but you'll never have to fork out for fuel, with public charging stations free.

You can check out all those electric cars at Electrikhana on March 7 - http://www.aeva.asn.au/content/electrikhana-2015-perth-march-7th