Eczema cream

Frustrated and helpless is how these parents felt as their children suffered with chronic eczma.

Mum Vicky Evangelou tried a host of prescription creams and medications to ease little Lucy's discomfort.

It was a similar story for Adelaide parents charles and nicole koetsier - their baby boy Harrison would wake through the night scratching and crying in pain.

That was until they came across a natural ointment developed in sa that they say has transformed their lives.

The concotion called Robertson's skin repair is based on cod liver oil and collodial oatmeal. It was the brainchild of a south aussie man called Malcolm Robertson. He researched and experimented in his own kitchen before giving the product to friends and eventually selling it in a few select health food shops and chemists.

Steve an eczema suferer liked the ointment so much he and his wife bev bought the business. Nearly one in three australian babies develops eczma and different products work for different sufferers. Nicole advises parents do their research and try a range of treatments including diet changes.

Robertson's ointment heals and acts as a barrier to prevent itching and inflamation. Steve recommends applying it three times a day for at least a few weeks but he says the proof is in the pictures.

"you'll see the difference in your child. We've recommended it to a lot of people we know and it's been amazing"



Skin Repair Ointment

Retails at $40 a jar

Order directly from Robertson's

PO Box 371 MOUNT COMPASS S.A. 5210

Phone: (08) 8556 8113

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