Eagles Kitchen

For footy fans, it's a dream come true - getting deep inside the Eagles nest - and you can't get much deeper than the heart of every home.

There's a quiet revolution going on at West Coast - and it's nothing to do with football.

He's a Premiership player - with a secret passion - Sam Butler's other talent is designing kitchens.

So far - his company - called MY kitchen design has had some pretty high profile clients, "I'm slowly transforming the west coast eagles' kitchens. Slowly, I think we have 5 or 6 at the moment Scott Selwood's kitchen behind us so, I think most of the boys have been happy."

At Scott Selwood's inner city industrial pad, the boys are testing out his shiny new kitchen - with stone benches, and plenty of space. Scott says "I bought this place about 12 months ago it had a big internal wall that shut everyone off from each other so just wanted to make it all a bit more open plan 24 to entertain people so got a few quotes for kitchens finally got one off my mate Sam and he actually came through the best out of anyone and came up with great quality which is good."

Me with Scott two shot in the kitchen." The very first eagles' customer - was keen cook Andrew Embley.

And it's not just eagles' players who are catching the renovation bug - with West Australian's spending a record amount on make-overs.

The Master Builders Association's Geoff cooper says we're tipped to spend more than 800 million dollars on revamping our homes over the next twelve months. "We are seeing a lot of interest in renovations in Western Australia interest rates are low strong population growth and stamp duty people don't want to move so they stay and renovate." Meaning more people are choosing to upgrade the home they already own but with the Reno boom - Geoff's predicting a tradie shortage.

At twenty four - eagle Jacob Brennan is leaving the nest to set up his own pad rather than buying brand new - he figured doing up an older home would be better value.

Sam Butler's kitchen prowess has extended to Adam Selwood's character home too.

Like many older homes - Adam's dining room was a bit on the small side.

The solution? Make the kitchen bench - the dining table.

And while their hopes for the footy finals will hinge on Saturday's match, the kitchens - they've got in the bag.

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Sam Butler's business - www.mykitchendesignwa.com.au