Drive through ATMs

We live in a world where convenience rules.

There are drive-throughs for food, booze and the morning coffee run.

And now, life in Perth is about to get a whole lot easier with these

Drive-through ATM's. And it's happening here before anywhere else in Australia.

It works just like any other walk up ATM machine, but it's been designed to grab cash on the go from the comfort and safety of your car.

And you might notice the ATM's look rather similar to the Muzz Buzz coffee drive throughs, that's because Muzz Buzz Executive Chairman Warren Reynolds came up with the idea after seeing them everywhere in the States.

Mother of two Nicolette says anything that makes life less stressful with young kids, is a blessing. "Well I have to park the car find a car park, and I need to get the kids out and you know if it's raining or there's a lot of traffic I might be worried about the kids being knocked over by the car or getting wet."

"The people who love it most are codgers like me who don't want to get bashed on the way home from work after they forget to take their money out of the bank during the day." The West Australian Finance Editor Neale Prior says with longer work hours, for many the opportunity to withdraw cash is often at night when victims are more vulnerable. "Whereas if you're out at night, 10 o'clock three people approach you and there's you and your car 15 metres away you've got no chance."

As for the threat of car jackings, "you have to be pretty slim to get between this and to the person who's taking their money out." And over the next few months there will be another five drive through ATM's opening up across Perth.

The cost for your convenient cash is two dollars fifty for each transaction and there's a bonus, "there's a bonus page with vouchers from a number of different companies to give you discounts."

And if these money machines look tempting to crooks, think again, "you'll notice some very big steel bollards around it they're full of concrete, drive your car into that it's really going to ruin your day."

And with several lights and security cameras recording around the clock and it's one of the few drive throughs you'll get where you won't get asked, "do you want fries with that?"

ATM drive-through locations are at

Muzz Buzz Canning Vale, on the corner of Bannister Road and South Street.

Bentley Plaza.

South lake Shopping Centre.

Westfield Carousel, Westfield Innaloo and Westfield Whitfords.