Dr Chemical's Cheat sheet

The greasy frypan.

Cleaning this requires Dr Chemical's favourite: washing soda. Otherwise known as soda ash or sodium carbonate.

Pour in the soda ash, and half fill the frypan with water... then turn it on and let it boil.

When it's done, turn it off, let it cool, then pour it out.

It may need a quick wipe, but that's it!


A stubborn beetroot stain.

Any acid will get beetroot stains out.

A simple option is vinegar.

Use it as a prewash. Spray it on, let it soak for a while then chuck it in the washing machine.


Lazy person's toilet cleaner

Go to the hardware store and buy a dry acid, and a dry base.

A good dry base is soda ash.

Mix them together - with more base than acid - then put it in the toilet overnight, and flush in the morning.



De-Fogging Mirrors

Use any dishwashing liquid and rub it onto the surface of a mirror, glass, window etc.

Keep rubbing til it dries, and that'll stop the glass fogging up.

Dr Chemical says this method can be used to prevent fogging for shower screens, motorbike helmets, car windows and even swimming goggles.


Homemade hand sanitiser

Dr Chemical puts in 7 parts methylated spirits, 3 parts water.

And that's it - a disinfectant for your hands or any hard surface.


"There's almost always a solution to your problem. You just need to know what it is." - Dr Chemical