Dr Chemical

Dr Chemical says these four solvents can replace most of your home cleaning products. From ink to grease, here's what these super solvents can do:


Also known as Isopropyl Alcohol, it's sold as rubbing alcohol but is branded by Dr Chemical as one of the most versatile cleaning solvents in existence. It gets rid of inks and adhesives and can be used on hard surfaces, leather, skin and even electronics.


Acetone is a stronger form of Isopropanol. This means it will work where Isopropanol won't - on particularly stubborn ink stains, etc. - but it can damage skin and some plastics. Dr Chemical recommends a spot test before using. It doesn't damage clothes, and Dr Chemical says it can be a useful prewash because it's soluble.

Easy Clean-up

Great car cleaner - good for bug and tar removal, oily or greasy surfaces and interior vinyl surfaces. Plus, it's generally cheaper than wax and grease remover.


A very versatile cleaner similar to Easy Clean-up that deals with grease and oil - also great for cleaning cars, even car windows. It's very cheap, and stronger than Easy Clean-up, but it can damage some plastics. Dr Chemical recommends a spot test before using.

Safety Tips:

Don't use any solvent near a flame.

Wear gloves when handling acetone.

Store out of reach of children.

Dr Chemical's website: http://drchemical.com.au/