Dog Arthritis

Reporter: Graeme Butler

It's a crippling condition that affects about a quarter of adult dogs it's painful and irreversible. For dogs like Sascha it means a gradual decline in activity. For Sascha's owner Wendy Monks it was horrible to watch - Sasha was more than a pet, the 11 year old black kelpie was a champion performer but the arthritis meant the end of her Dancing with dogs' career.

Wendy had tried various treatments for Sascha with little success... then she tried a newly released product called Rose-Hop Vital - a natural supplement rich in Vitamin C. The improvement was so marked that Sascha went back to competition - and that was music to Wendy's ears.

Tanya Berglund's 11 year old Mini Fox Terrier Zac was also suffering from osteo-arthritis she joined an on-line trial of Rose-Hip Vital. "After about 4 weeks we had the initial dose which is two scoops each night with his dinner and then we went onto the maintenance and it's just one scoop so probably at that stage we found that we noticed that he was yelping less in pain he was a bit more active and a lot happier in his disposition"

While the condition in itself isn't fatal it dramatically impacts on quality of life both owners say it had got to the stage where they were considering if it was cruel to let their pets continue like this now they have a new lease on life.

Vet Chris Papantonio says the results he's seen have been positive... and reflect the results of a recent trial. "The study was done overseas and it included 86 greyhounds, they split the group into some that half got the placebo half got the rosehip they found there's a significant improvement in their wellbeing they tested their co-operation, their motivation to do training their mood their speed"

Contact details for Rose-Hip Vital arthritis treatment for dogs.

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