Docker Song

Reporter: Natalie Bonjolo

Never have Freo sung their song with such gusto. "The Dockers really got into it on the weekend as they have over the last few games it's been fantastic"

For Kenny Walther this was a magic moment. When Ken first wrote the anthem nineteen years ago even he had his doubts a slow, Russian folk tune from the 1860's.

A few years ago, Kenny's song was almost dumped. "It's like someone saying jeez what an ugly baby, you think hang on i created that song I created this baby and it might have cross eyes or whatever but it's my baby and i do look at it like that"

And the fans agreed demanding the song stay. So just imagine how Kenny will feel if it's a Docker's anthem played at the final siren. It'll be the first time, it's ever played at a grand final but another of Kenny's songs already has.

Yep the Eagles Anthem is Kenny's too.

Famous Perth entertainer Peter Harries has his own Dockers anthem, a song that won him a radio competition back in 1994. "First prize was the first Dockers jumper in Australia" An inaugural member, Peter's even has a shrine.

So, when the Dockers made the final last weekend Peter pulled on his jersey and got to work. A song straight from the heart you just can't help getting Freo fever.

To obtain a copy of the 'Fremantle Dockers 2013 Fighting Song', email Peter Harries on:-