Digital switch

Reporter: Frank Pangallo

For more than half a century Australian families have sat on their lounges watching the evolution of television.

But an era is coming to an end. The old analogue TV signal is being switched off. So if you haven't yet converted to receiving a digital signal then static is what you're likely to see on your set April 16th at 9 am.

To view up to 20 free to air digital channels there's no need to upgrade your existing TV to a modern flashy flat screen. "For 29 dollars this little box can get you into the digital age, all you need to look for is the TV's av connections, it's that simple." Nick Karasoulis from Harvey Norman says while you won't get full high definition quality on your old TV you'll still get a sharper crispy clear picture.

67 year old Pat McClusky has already done her digital homework she's upgrading to a new high definition TV that already has a built in digital tuner and a pvr or personal video recorder.

60 year old Phillip Bichard is one of around 23,000 pensioners who have had their digital set top boxes installed for free by the federal government but he's not happy with the reception he's getting in his housing home.

Adelaide's tech guy Richard Pascoe says many houses which still have very old aerials dating back to the black and white TV days could have problems.

Richard spotted several problematic aerials in Phillips neighbourhood of old trust homes. "They need to change their aerials, they might have got the set top box, the signal might come in but it's not going to last especially in inclement weather. That's where it's going to cut out because it just doesn't punch through to receive that digital signal" Or think about upgrading, Nick Karasoulis says brand new high definition TVs have never been so affordable.

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