Diabetes WA

Mother of three Michelle Farrell was shocked when her doctor told her she was border line diabetic.

In her late forties, and with polycystic ovarian syndrome, Michelle was a prime candidate for type two diabetes, "and having a family history of diabetes I knew that this on top, I really was at risk and with my young family, I wanted to see my boys grow up."

Type two diabetes occurs when the body can't produce insulin to process fats and glucose into energy and eventually those toxins build up, damaging vital organs. Michelle was recommended the Cambridge Diet, a program of shakes and soup, but unlike over the counter liquid diets, this one must be fully supervised.

Professor Anthony Leeds from the United Kingdom's Surrey University is in Australia to come up with new ways of treating the epidemic, "in order to help people pre diabetes and diabetes they need to lose about 15-20 kilos in weight."

According to the Professor, those facing diabetes could ward off the disease by limiting their calorie intake to just eight hundred calories a day. "You can't do that usually by conventional diet so you have to do it by this method, we know it works it's been trialled in clinical trials in a number of countries around the world."

Deb Schofield from Diabetes WA says liquid diets are proven to help people lose weight fast, but, "they really need to be done under medical supervision because the rapid weight loss that can occur needs to be monitored and ah, their health needs to be monitored."

With twenty eight West Aussies diagnosed with diabetes every single day, Deb says prevention is always the best medicine, "we know that with increased physical activity, with eating better with getting some body fat off the body, ah, then that can actually improve people's chances of not getting diabetes." As for Michelle, she's now twenty kilo's lighter, and what's more she's kept it off for three years and says she'll never go back. "I've learnt good habits along the way and I've eased back into eating, I know what my portions sizes should be, I know how much carbohydrate I need to have, I don't even think about it my life's a just a balance now."

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