Dana Treatment

Reporter: Graeme Butler

The horrific burns suffered by Dana Vulin took seconds to inflict... her recovery will take a lifetime

Dana's survival at all is miraculous - the 27 year old was set alight in her Perth home in a drug fuelled attack by a woman mistakenly convinced Dana was having an affair with her husband. It was a day that still haunts Dana's neighbour Dennis Ericson who was confronted with the site of Dana's tiny burnt body -this was a moment neither thought they'd ever see.

The road to recovery is going to be long, uncharted territory for the young women once obsessed with her glamorous appearance.

"Laser treatments could hold the key to helping reduce the terrible scarring that now covers 64% of Dana's body - her sister Svetlana has been searching for treatments around the world." Said Dana

"She managed to find a laser that is called the CO2 fractional laser, ultra-pulse I think, and it's probably one of the most powerful medical grade lasers in the world and I think Royal Perth were trying to get it for 2 years before I was burnt, and I don't think they could afford it, it was like an $8 million machine, or something ridiculous like that." Said Dana

Burns Specialist Professor Fiona Wood from Royal Perth Hospital says new laser treatments are showing promising results. "This particular laser is a newer technique that appears from work we've in the us military nad the us paediatric burns in Boston to have a different impact one we're really interested in understanding." Said Professor Wood

Grazi Lisciotto knows what it's like to walk in Dana's shoes... he's a burns survivor too and has faced many of the challenges that still lay ahead for Dana Vulin. Grazi is one of the members of Peter Hughes Burns Foundation, an organisation that's now supporting Dana's bid to raise a quarter of a million dollars to assist with the staggering cost of reconstructive treatments - this morning $29,000 had already been raised. The money will hopefully help Dana free herself from the shackles of scarring, physical and emotional and allow her to one day take off her mask and stare the world squarely in the eye again.

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