Cyber Safety

Welcome to the new stranger danger. Where children are often alone and strangers are hiding behind keyboards.

With children often more tech savvy than their parents - IInet's Anthony Fisk believes it's important to teach young kids to keep themselves safe online. "What we found is that there were programs for secondary schools but there were no programs for younger kids and kids are getting on younger and younger onto these sites onto dangerous sites and need to be keeping safe online so we introduced it for primary school aged kids."

Here at Sutherland Dianella primary - the internet provider is working with the school to create cybersafe lessons for children as young as five. Teacher Emidio Boto helped devise the program, today's class is on social media. The iinet classes also teach children about netiquette -or internet etiquette. How to communicate effectively without using bad language or sarcasm -basically anything they might regret later. The children are also taught about limiting the amount of friends of followers to a maximum of 150.

The iinet cybersafe teaching resource is available online to all schools. And it's free.