Crowd Funded Cafe

Lucky Chan's is lucky in more ways than one; it owes its very existence to strangers who helped pay to get the new Northbridge eatery off the ground. Part owner Andrew Bennet says while crowd funding alone didn't pay for the restaurant it helped make it what it is, "we really wanted to make Perth's best noodles right here and so we created our own Ramen Room with our Japanese made Noodle Machine which fully imported and had specially designed for us in Japan and that means we're working with the best water and flour available to produce the noodles right in front of you."

Strangers contributed between $5 and $20,000 through crowd funding--112,000 in total. The Great Wall of Chan records everyone who helped.

Australian Hotels Association CEO Bradley Woods thought the concept of crowd funding was so good he even threw in a few dollars himself to help it along

While crowd funding has helped open the doors at Lucky Chans- on the other side of town, crowd funding could help keep the doors open at a struggling old favourite.

Annalakshmi at barrack square has found itself in the middle of a construction site as Elizabeth Quay takes shape around it, 600 diners a day has dwindled to 200.

Arun Natarajan says the restaurant relies on diners paying what they can afford for meals, some pay nothing others tip in $20 or so but now the balance has tipped with construction keeping away paying patrons, I believe something will happen some miracle will happen, I'm just waiting for that." and that miracle might just come in the form of crowd funding from people who want to see the restaurant weather the storm of Elizabeth Quay. "I just need a little bit of help from the government from the people, the people to come back and continue dining here and a little bit of help."

Link for Annalakshmi crowd-funding site.