Coffee Minds

Reporter Graeme Butler

If you like your coffee with a splash of celebrity, a spoonful of intellect or a dash of scientific discovery your order is ready. Meeting of the minds - gives you the chance to bid to spend an hour having a coffee with a range of high profile west Australians people like Professor Fiona Stanley.

"What do you think people will want to talk to you about? I have no idea maybe they'll want to find out about the person behind the researcher or whatever very happy to talk about that, I'm a mum and I'm a grand mum obviously had a life outside research." Fiona Stanley has good reason to put her hand up for coffee with a cause the cause is very close to her heart, raising money for the telethon institute for child health research. "Western Australia is actually the most generous donating state in Australia we have the longest running Telethon the most successful Telethon in the world, in the world we wouldn't exist without this kind of support but i also think people in western Australia seem very interested and care deeply about our institute"

Nobel Laureate Professor Barry Marshall is also on the list - image what you could discovery over an espresso with Barry. "I don't know who would bid for it if somebody had a couple of kids who were interested in science and thinking about their careers they could come along and we could chew the fat and we could discuss my scientific career how i got into it and how it played off"

"Coffee is something you meet for friends meet for family you do business over coffee you do all sorts of things with coffee to me it's like a universal language coffee." Alida Cubbage from Cafissimo came up with the idea of the meeting of the minds and set about organising a list of interesting people willing to spare an hour for a good cause - people including Julie Bishop, Lisa Scaffidi, and Paul Murray from 6PR, footballer Adam Selwood and a host of others.

"What do you think people will want to talk to you about? Oh hopefully they'll want to talk about fridges but i suspect they might want to talk about the Dockers and the journey there but there's a lot of things I've been involved in a lot of things over time i can even talk to people about golf but i can't give them any hints on golf cos I'm not that well adverse at it" Renowned retailer and former Dockers president Rick Hart says there's plenty of interesting names on the list - but thanks to the election one has now increased in value.

The kettle's on - all you need to do is decide who'll you'll be joining for a chat.!/meetingofthemindsPerth