Circus School

Clowning around in class has never been more fun, here at Canning Vale College school is a circus.

Teacher Crystal Challinger teaches circus, yep an actually subject, that kids get graded on, "the important part of the curriculum is the hidden curriculum- so things like goal setting, persistence developing working with others skills."

Alongside maths, biology and English, more than 300 students every year, chose to study circus.

Ex Students Iziah and Tyler are now professional performers, "it's helped a lot of kids get through high school and its given people like us, careers which is great."

For many teenagers managing the stress of exams, homework and a social life can be a juggling act in itself.

The students' unique skills so impressive, they've beaten schools around the state to win an award in WA's "Our School's a Star" Competition and, if past students are anything to go by, among these kids is a star in the making.

There's still time to enter the Our School's a Star competition head to