Chronic Pain

Reporter: Graeme Butler

While many retirees plan to spend their savings on holidays and setting themselves up for a comfortable future, Geoff and Moira Churack have made a painful decision about where to sink their money the study of pain.

Geoff has suffered chronic Neuropathic pain for six years - it's been life shattering for the former businessman. Geoff says he believes part of the problem is a lack of training for GP's in the area of chronic pain when they're at University.

To turn that situation around the Churacks have committed a million dollars of their own money to establish new research at Murdoch University and a course for medical students at Notre Dame University.

Professor Gavin Frost heads the school of Medicine at Notre Dame University in Fremantle he says students will benefit immediately from the donation but this will ultimately be a long term change for the medical course.

Currently the most common course of treatment for chronic pain is medication but Geoff Churack says he found the drugs almost as bad as the pain itself, so much so he stopped taking them.

Geoff knows there's no cure as such for chronic pain. But his hope is that better research will lead to better management of a condition that costs Australia as much as 34 billion dollars a year.

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Chronic Pain

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