Christmas Savings

If you're counting the days til Christmas, you're probably counting your money too.

Andrew Hadley from P&N Bank says they've surveyed West Aussies to find out how we're coping with costs this Christmas

Here's what they found

Thirty six precent of us will be under financial strain

Eighty six percent don't have Christmas savings

Meaning more than half of us will be using credit cards

And we're hoping to cut back - with fifty eight percent planning to spend less

Target's Joanne Kerr, says shopping for gifts doesn't have to be an expensive exercise.

The saying, it's the thought that counts. Counts at Christmas.

"We have a great range of gifts for under $40; you can get something for mum dad, children and the tree for $250."

And it's not just money people are trying to save - but also time.

Perth mum and business owner Rebecca Pithers, says Christmas comes around too soon.

From the pressures that come with playing host Christmas day, to finding the perfect present- Rebecca says she needs an extra pair of hands over the holidays.

They're Santa's Elves, Perth mums who act as your festive PA's. Sara and Heather, take the Christmas chaos away. From decluttering the play room, to buying the kids their new toys. They'll even do the food shopping.

According to Santa's Helpers, just give them your list and they'll do the ground work for you.

"Don't think that you have to go out and buy an expensive gift, I think sometimes that personal touch means a lot more than the expensive price tag." According to Andrew, the world of internet shopping is endless- but ensuring your perfect present arrives before Santa does, is half the battle. "If you're going to shop on the internet if you think you can get a better deal you probably need to do that several weeks in advanced." Andrew says it's all about planning a budget and sticking to it- avoiding the spontaneous purchase and overusing the credit card. "For those who do need watch their dollars, watch their pennies, we would certainly encourage its far better to set some money aside each week."

As for Rebecca, her holiday helpers have given her peace of mind this year, ensuring she'll be having a jolly Christmas, without the last minute rush.

More information

This Christmas say goodbye last minute shopping, running around and organisation.

Finer Details are able to source, purchase and deliver in the Perth metropolitan area.

Run Christmas errands so you can concentrate on the work at hand and not get distracted online or get exhausted performing tasks in meal breaks.

Call Heather on 0457 878 785 or Sara on 0421 302 674 to arrange an initial consultation or for more information.