Christmas Cooking

Reporter: Graeme Butler

Nothing says Christmas Italian style in Perth like Daniella and Stephania - the My Kitchen Rules Favourites say Christmas doesn't have to be traditional to be delicious.

Daniella and Stephania are sharing some of the dishes they prepare for a special Christmas, like Daniella's cod and Potato salad.

"Now BBQ's are great for Christmas cos you know what it's quick and easy but the pork I'm cooking today is Linley valley pork and the reason why I only cook this pork it's because it's water infused and its delicious you can 't go wrong you cannot make a mistake with this. After marinating with some pepper corns and some salt and olive oil and I've got some sage and thyme on here and i love the lime and i love the apples with it. We've got this in our cookbook and when you taste this you won't go back to anything else I'm telling you."

Here we have a Carpaccio d polo of octopus look at that isn't that beautiful this one here i boiled cut and stuffed it in like cylinder you can even use like a plastic cool drink bottle or something anyway and then a little bit of salt and you slice it beautiful you keep it in the fridge for a couple of days and you press it down i put like bottle with rocks in it so it compresses it and makes it all like stiff 19.10 and then on top of this we're going to add some a little salad here of fennel red onion some chilli of course parsley and a little bit of dill a little bit of oil and also a little bit of oil on here."

"Don't stress there's no need to stress because it's family i know you want to make it look good and be wonderful but you know what all you need is love and just the family just being together is enough." Like any Christmas dinner - after the cooking all that remains is the eating.

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