Cholesterol Products

Reporter: Helen Wellings

One in 2 adults, around 6 and a half million Australians, have high blood cholesterol, fat manufactured by our bodies and produced from foods we eat. Too much can lead to strokes, heart attacks, possibly death.

Dr Leslie Braun, a specialist in nutritional health, says 2 million Australians take powerful statin drugs to lower cholesterol, but statins can have nasty side effects like muscle spasm, memory loss, impotence, even diabetes. So tonight we reveal other products, and one new discovery, that reduce cholesterol dramatically.

"The most lethal is the LDL, the low density lipoproteins. What tends to happen when you have too much cholesterol, in particular the LDL type of cholesterol, is that it forms plaque and the plaque actually builds up inside of your arteries and it makes them more narrow ... if it narrows so much and it happens in the heart, you can get a heart attack." Said Dr Leslie Braun

Pharmacist, Gerald Quigley says these little morsels are an amazingly simple remedy.

"If the risks of taking a statin are higher than the benefits, it's a silly thing to take them. What we've got to try and do is re-educate people on taking control of their cholesterol levels, and it's not difficult.

This is a new way to balance cholesterol and it's natural." Said Gerald

They're made from betaglucan, a soluable fibre from Nordic oats. Betaglucare cereal is a concentrated form, and it can make cholesterol levels ... plummet. World food Authorities, including Australia's Food Standards Code accepts the cholesterol lowering claims of betaglucan.

72 year old Mary Gill had been taking statins but stopped taking them when she didn't feel right. She swapped to a daily breakfast of 3 gm of Betaglucare with yoghurt .. and down came the bad LDLs.

"I thought well what have I got to lose. So I went onto that. I almost halved my cholesterol in a matter of 4 months. So that's fantastic isn't it? My doctor, he just said "Oh my God this is fantastic". He couldn't believe it 2012 my total cholesterol was 7.5." Said Mary Gill

A high 7.5, the good HDLs 2.5 but the bad LDLs .. 4.6. Now her total's dropped to 4.8, HDL 2.3, LDL a healthy 2.0, 60% lower than last year .. without added exercise or dieting.

"Oats are very good for you, however we know now that betaglucare which is in nordic oats is actually even more powerful in mopping up bile acids and therefore has a profound effect on cholesterol levels. Essentially it is like a mop, it absorbs bile acids, it sees them, spots them and grabs them, and excretes them." Said Gerald

Swedish studies on Betaglucare show that bad LDL cholesterol dropped 15% on average ... but like Mary, many people's bad cholesterol is halved. And for diabetics, the nordic oats can reduce blood sugar by 4 per cent))

"The most powerful foods really are the ones we've got right here the betaglucan concentrates, the Nordic oats, psyllium husks and these can actually reduce cholesterol by 15 per cent. For some people it might even be more. With rolled oats and oat bran you need about 50 grams a day." Said Dr Braun

Good fats can cut cholesterol by 10 per cent or more.

"Salmon here- very good source of omega 3 fatty acids. You've actually got chia seeds here which are a vegetarian source of omega 3, you've got linseed and lecithin which actually emulsifies fats. Walnuts are very good ... 6 to 10 walnuts a day butt @ Grab starts at 7.46 avocado, you've got olives ... these can lower total cholesterol levels by about 3 to 5 per cent." Said Dr Braun

Foods designed to lower cholesterol - a new yoghurt...

And then of course there's bergamot. Some cardiologists strongly advocate oil from the bergamot plant .. saying it keeps cholesterol down and allows patients, including diabetics, to use lower drug doses.

"Put all these foods together, and you're really going to have a strong effect on reducing your cholesterol levels." Said Lesley

"I think it's wonderful - I don't have a cholesterol problem." Said Mary Gill


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