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Reporter: Belinda Wilkinson 

That's right, model Abigail O'Neil says chocolate and lots of it, is the secret to her super slim figure.

"It's like go to a shop a health food shop and pick up the beauty supplements, pretty much my chocolate has it all in it." Said Abigail

Abigail's chocolate diet's a stark contrast to the shocking revelation we heard earlier this year from Kirsty Clements, former editor in chief at vogue.

It is true that I'd heard an agent say that she'd heard that the girls were eating tissues, to stay full and since then, I'd heard people say cotton wool.

Thankfully, cotton and tissues don't rate a mention in Abigail's new cookbook "Model Chocolate".

If you're already sceptical, wait 'til you hear this. Forget coffee and toast....this is Abigail's bizarre morning ritual,an entire chocolate cake.

"So you eat one of these, for breakfast every day?" Asked Belinda

"I do, every single day." Said Abigail

"But you can understand how so many women out there would be shaking their heads, saying this isn't right." Belinda said

"Yeah I can but this is not your typical chocolate this is my secret chocolate and it's full of all the good things that help you stay slim." Said

Yes, she did say "stay slim". Abigail says for the three years she trialled her recipes, she didn't do any exercise and actually lost weight.

"They're like you're nearly a size 6, what's happened to you? And I was like sorry, it must be my chocolate, because honestly I did nothing different apart from eating a massive amount of it." Said Abigail

So here's the "dark, delicious" secret......Abigail's chocolate isn't the typical brown, mouth-watering bliss you find at the supermarket.

It's called Cacao. The most raw and wholesome form of chocolate you can buy.

"It's really, really good for your metabolism. Sugar free, dairy free, gluten free.

Taste's so good, it's easy to make and it's satisfying." Abigail said

Incredibly, Cacao's considered a "superfood" by some health experts.

Raw Cacao has a high content of flavonoids, they're the powerful anti-oxidants that can help reduce inflammation in the body.

Different from cocoa which loses its nutrients through a heat process, cacao nibs are ground down to a powder. They're not cooked or processed and retain more than 300 compounds.

Healthy or not......Matt says Abigail's daily cacao consumption is hard to swallow.

"It astounds me how somebody could get through a plateful of raw cacao, I mean most people struggle to get through a few squares of say 85 per cent coco chocolate, and I've got to wonder what's happening to the rest of the diet." Said Matt

And for all those racing to the health food shop to stock up for a guilt-free Christmas, nutritionist Matt O'Neil has a weighty warning.

"It's wonderful to see a model saying you know, eats lot's of chocolate. I guess the potential negative here is that it's too much of the one kind of food and for a normal person that doesn't have a super-fast metabolism, you can overdo your calories very, very easily." Said Matt

"Eat it always, every day." Said Abigail

"Two small squares, not two blocks a day." Said Matt 

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