Chemo at Home

They're the former health department employees who say they could ease the pressure on our public hospitals by treating thousands of patients in their own homes. But they're being met by brick walls.

"We go to the patient's home and do their chemotherapy almost exactly the same as they would have if they went to a hospital to have their treatment

… Patients report that they feel more empowered when they're treated at home, and they feel more knowledgeable about their treatment when they're treated at home as well… [But] at the moment we only can do this for privately insured patients or patients who wish to pay for it privately… we don't have a contract with the government to service public patients.

We don't understand why the government hasn't embraced this concept

… We can provide a solution to them immediately to help some of those patients and give the patients a better experience and help reduce the stress of the staff at the hospital."

-Lorna Rogers and Julie Wilkes, co-owners of Chemo@Home:

South Metropolitan Health Service:

The need for home chemotherapy services in the Peel region is yet to be substantiated. Additionally, home cancer treatments are only suitable for some chemotherapy regimes and not all patients will be safe to treat at home as they require hospital treatment.

The South Metropolitan Health Service (SMHS) Comprehensive Cancer Centre is located at Fiona Stanley Hospital (FSH) and patients in the Peel region who require tertiary services should therefore access care at FSH. In addition, patients admitted to the Ambulatory Comprehensive Cancer Service (ACCS) at FSH will receive home visits as part of an early discharge initiative or inpatient substitution program.