Centrelink Fraud

This is one of the biggest welfare cheats centrelink has ever come across; over ten years a Perth Pensioner stole more than $240,000 from taxpayers. Hank Jongen from Centrelink says it's a crime the department and the courts take very seriously, "in her case she was prosecuted and a sentence of 8 years was imposed." In addition to the lengthy jail term the woman was ordered to repay all of the money, the real issue here is that someone has set out to deliberately defraud the department, they've incurred a major debt we've been able to establish that it was deliberate fraud. The key to staying out of trouble with centrelink is to be honest in your dealings with us, for example if you enter into a relationship it's important for you to tell centrelink first because if you don't then there's a chance that someone else will tell us." Centrelink receives around 100,000 tip offs a year in relation to potential fraud, only a fraction of those are proved to be deliberate. "Last year we investigated around 3300 cases where we believed there was the possibility of deliberate fraud of those just over 1200 were referred to the director of public prosecutions."

Centrelink Tip off line 131 524.