Celebrity Trainer

It's the fast, furious fitness craze sweeping the nation. And, it's landed in Perth.

F45 is the brainchild of Sydney-based celebrity trainer Luke Istomin, who's sculpted some of the world's most famous bodies.

Luke's superstar clients include Ricky Martin, Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman. So how DO you get a body like Wolverine?

"People just see the finished product, people don't see the hours on end in the gym, our stores, training, but it does take a lot of work to achieve what they do."

Tested on those celebrities, F45 is a high intensity race against the clock. A 45 minute circuit-based workout complete with a live DJ pumping out the music.

"The idea is that we take the best of all different types of programs, the athletic type training to the conventional weight training, the functional movement patterns and we combine all those elements into one class and make sure that people get a great workout from head to toe."

It claims to be the fastest growing franchise in Australian history. With two in WA, one in Cockburn and this one in West Leederville, 50 F45 outlets have sprung up across the country in just 12 months.

Wallabies player and Western Force captain Matt Hodgson liked the concept so much, he bought the business. He owns and operates the West Leederville outlet. "You do training as a group, everything's group based, you train with your mates or you meet people along the way, other gyms you walk in, sit on a bike for half an hour, walk out and you feel like you don't get anything out of it."

Perth boxing champ Erin McGowan and the equally fit "WA Angels" from the Legends Football League have already signed up for the mix of strength and cardio training. "A bit like a cross between all types of fitness you've done like your boot camps, your strength stuff and it incorporate all that and all your programs are done for you so you work through the door at 6.15 and you're done by 7.

Luke Istomin personally designs each program and says no two workouts are ever the same.

"The good thing about F45 is that it appeals to everyone, whether you're short, tall, overweight, super fit, male, female, young, old, anyone can do this work out."

After conquering the Aussie market, Luke plans to take F45 all the way to America.

F45 Training is located in West Leederville and Cockburn


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