Cart Ride

Reporter: Graeme Butler

There's a very long road ahead for Ian - tomorrow Rattle's as he's known to his mates will hitch up his horses, Paddy and Matt and hit the track - a three year journey around Australia to raise money for the cancer foundation.

The idea to ride a horse and cart around the country was hatched after Ian lost his mum to cancer.

The ride has been a year in the making - every detail planned meticulously out. The cart has been custom fitted for the journey including a 400 litre water tank inside.

Ian says his priority is the welfare of the horses... he's even spared them the road testing of the cart.

Ian and his horses will average around 5 km an hour - there's no hurry. "Average around 25 - 30 km a day travelling with the horses and try and work things out at each town to try and raise as much money as I can for cancer 1.06 if i have to stay there a couple of days to give the horses a rest for a couple of days there's no rush i know it's going to take around 3 years to right around."

The journey kicks off on Saturday from Donnybrook... head to Albany - on to Esperance and then across the Nullarbor... he won't see this side of the country again for a couple of years

If you pass Rattles on the road - stop and say g'day and throw in a few bucks to help him on his way

To support Ian on his ride.