Carnaby Cockatoos

Bringing birds into your garden is one of life's pleasures... and by planting certain varieties, you not only attract birds - you can help save the most endangered

Our black cockatoos are very iconic. They're only found here in the south west - nowhere else in Australia, and nowhere else in the world. But If we continue the current decline, they will be extinct in the wild within the next 20 years.

But there's hope. Birdlife Australia's Jessica Lee says everyone in Perth can definitely help save Carnaby's cockatoos.

The best way: your garden.

For a list of plants that benefit the Carnaby's, visit Birdlife Australia's website:

List of Carnaby Cockatoo friendly trees and shrubs planted in the Fiona Stanley Hospital rooftop garden:

Agonis Flexuosa

Banksia illicifolia

Banksia littoralis

Banksia menziesii

Banksia nivea

Corymbia ficifolia

Eucalyptus caesia

Eucalyptus rudis

Eucalyptus todtiana

Eremophila glabra

Hakea laurina

Mesomelaena pseudostygia

Xanthorrhoea preisii

Volunteer or donate to Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Conservation Centre: