Car Jacking

How far would you go to stop your car from being stolen?

Carjacking is common place overseas but now it's hitting closer to home.

There is at least one attack a week.

Self defence expert Ashley Gard has teamed up with Joel Neilsen from Safe Drive Training to design a course to show motorists what they should do, to avoid falling victim.

Today's participant is 70-year-old Jen Steinitz.

There are four common types of carjackings the first is the aluminium can ruse.

Common in public car parks.

"So you can hear there's a very loud rattle, I can hear rattling. So from here what would you do, I would just stop and I would put it in park and I would get out and see what the noise."

"What I'd like you to think about from this point forward is that we continue to drive to a safer location, where we can be around people before we get out of the vehicle."

Next is the good Samaritan, it'll make you think twice about helping someone broken down on the side of the road.

"I just need to get some jump leads If you don't mind I'll just get them out of the back and we'll hook it up... you just stay there..."

Ash says "Rather than getting out of your car maybe pull up and just say I'll make a call for you"

Then there's the bump, being hit from behind.

While I'm distracted, an accomplice takes the car.

Ash says "They're distracting you by simulating an accident, usually in another stolen vehicle."

Finally there's the ambush.

Ash says "The windows are up, the doors are locked, let's just drive away that's all we have to do. Just slowly push through them, now just speed up and drive away that's it perfect. Just leave regards of the situation, just leave."