Cancer Fundraising Brekkie

Reporter: Natalie Bonjolo

Three sisters, united in memory of their Mum.

To her girls Angela, Andrea and Jacqui -Yvonne Baker was an extraordinary woman, who lived a wonderfully ordinary life.

They lost their Mum to lung cancer when she was sixty five. Now, it's her daughters, who continue her fight,

A brekkie --that's become bigger, than Ben Hur.

What began as a gathering of family and friends has grown into a sell-out event.

Now, it's a family fundraiser run with military precision. From giveaway's packed by the kids, to circus performers, raffles, and public speakers. The big breakfast is all about raising big bucks.

For the sisters it's a small sacrifice all in the name of cancer research.

CEO of the Cancer Council Susan Rooney says this year they'll raise around eleven million dollars thanks to family's like Yvonne Baker's. "We don't have a couple of big donors we have lots of people fundraising and getting smaller donations and it's that whole collective effort that makes a difference"

For many it's about turning a personal tragedy into triumph. At one breakfast, the sister's hubbies were even sold off as slaves.

With this year's breakfast just days away they're making the final preparations.

Jacqui says "so we're hoping to raise $30 000 this year" Money raised in memory of a Mum that could have a lasting legacy.

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Breakfast is on Sunday 14th April 8.30am

Contact: Jacqui Bransby 0411 806 414

yvonnebakerfoundation - facebook page