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When something as simple as frozen berries sparked an urgent product re-call - Australian consumers sat up and took notice. Twenty eight people including two from W.A are suspected of contracting Hepatitis A from the imported berries.

Barry Urquart from Marketing Focus says the berry scare highlighted a problem facing consumers. Australian brands don't necessarily mean Australian grown, "Government legislation is inadequate at the moment there is not enough tight application and specifications of what constitutes Australian grown. It is too easy to say Australian owned that could well be the company and have nothing whatsoever with the product or the packaging it would well be that the merchandise is grown in New Zealand but packaged in Australia and therefore people believe it's Australian because it's a recognised trusted Australian brand name which is selling imported merchandise."

Since the berry re-call local producers and suppliers have noticed a marked increase in people enquiring about Australian grown food. Joe Psailia from Aussie Farmers Direct says the company only supplies Australian Grown and produced food. "They really want to know what they're actually eating, where it's coming from and the great news with companies like Aussie farmers is that whatever you buy is 100% Australian." Aussie Farmers Direct buys from local growers and packs in its Perth warehouse, it then delivers to the door. The produce on offer changes regularly because it doesn't store fruit and veggies it only offers what's in season

Heidi and Mark Potter are clients of Aussie Farmers Direct. They say in the supermarket while they prefer Australian produce they don't always buy it. .. So by getting it delivered the guess work is taken out. Of course if you want the freshest veggies you can grow them yourself or go straight to the farm gate. David Siglin from the Men of Trees which runs the city farm in East Perth says they've seen a marked increase in interest since the berry scare. David believes situations like this are a wakeup call for consumers to check the origin of our food. There have been many imported food scares before.. The question is whether Australian consumers really put their money where their mouths are and continue to favour Australian made.

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