Bushfire Ready

Deadly destructive, wiping out everything in its path - while we all look forward to summer - we also know for some families it can be a time of catastrophe.

This year, fire fighters say they'll be better prepared than ever. Their water bombers are practicing hitting targets, the training exercise involving more than 60 people conducted with military precision - on the ground and in the air

Michael Pasotti is an Air Attack Supervisor. He coordinates the water bombers while flying close by in another aircraft. Reading maps and calling the shots.

The aim is to prevent disasters like January's Hills fires which destroyed more than 50 homes... and while they're training for the worst case scenario - they're hoping it won't come to that

The Department of Parks and Wildlife's fire services manager Mike says this year, they've done 500 per cent more prescribed burn offs. "This Spring we've already achieved 40,000 ha of burning and that's the best outcome that the department has delivered since 2010 so it's a really great start for us."

Are You Ready