Broadfield Burgers

Reporter: Jasmine Homer

With extras like egg, onion and beetroot, we've really made the hamburger our own in Australia. But according to one of Perth's top foodie to get the low-down on what makes a real burger, we should look to our friends across the Atlantic, "we do look to America for a lot of our burger culture and particularly the way they make their patties, one hundred per cent beef, freshly ground, and not even salt and pepper, no additives, no flours, no nothing." We've asked the West's food writer, Rob Broadfield to spill the secrets of the perfect burger and its all stuff you can do easily from home.

"Rob, we're making two hamburgers? We are, first one is a classic beef burger. This is a rump steak, a nice piece of steak." Rob's first tip - start with steak. "The secret to keeping the steak in good nick when it comes to your burger is to keep it a little bit chilled. Then the other secret is you've got to trim all of this off, because this is what can get in the way when you're wanting to cook it properly. All you need to do is cut it relatively uniform, about that size, because the food processor will do the rest. Now you just pulse it, and this takes seconds, so you've got to be pretty watchful you don't want paste."

Next, shaping the patties. But forget using your hands, there's an easier way. Tip number 2;"Get your cookie cutters out, standard stuff, costs about four bucks in a store." "Now the secret is you've got to put these back in the fridge to set. What actually is setting it is the proteins, so it'll bind together when you put it in the pan. You notice I put no salt and no pepper in there? Nothing, so is that going to be bland? No, like a steak, we'll season it on the outside as we cook it. Maybe three or four minutes one side, three or four minutes the other perhaps, but just play it by ear because you want it pink in the middle."

Before Rob builds us the perfect burger his next tip - use the right bread. "We've got these delightful brioche buns here. And brioche of course is made with an egg batter, so they're relatively sweet. And you're going to ask me of course, Rob, what's the perfect sauce for a burger. "If you want to keep it simple and unadulterated, for my money You can't go past tomato sauce, hey? It's the dead-horse" "There you go. It's simple. That's it, that's all you do for a burger hey? It doesn't get much better."

So I don't think anything could beat that beef burger Rob, but we're going to give chicken a try? We are gonna give chicken a try. Rob's choice cut for chicken burgers - thigh meat, for the flavour. But it still needs a bit of work; so, tip 4 - the most unlikely of marinades. An old trick the grandmas in the south of the US know for many, many years and that is the best thing ever to tenderise chicken is buttermilk. Season your buttermilk a little bit, bit of salt, and bit of pepper. My personal twist, because it's one of the ingredients in Kentucky fried chicken is paprika. And coriander, which again adds a lovely sort of fruity spice to it. And the idea is you leave this to let it do its work. Couple of hours is fine, but I would recommend overnight. So now we actually come to put coating on it, it's just really simple. Fair whack of flour because the chicken's quite wet. Then you season that up again cos it's really the flavour's got to carry through this, fair whack of salt, good grind of pepper."

Now to make sure all that lovely batter doesn't just fall off in the frying pan - give it time to set. That's tip five. "You must let it rest in the fridge with the flour on for at least 20-30 minutes. Okay so we're shallow-frying so that probably means about a couple of cm of oil in the bottom of the pan. Cooking time for these, I would say at that temperature about six minutes. Okay our brioche buns of course, and again we're going to go for simple on this one. "This is Kupi mayonnaise, adobo sauce and a little bit of the Thai Shrirarcha sauce so it's got a little bit of a kick but the mayo moderates most of the kick. Now, I'm loving spinach on this. Put it under the chicken, because the chicken will wilt it a little bit." So that's just a bit of your special sauce, some spinach, your chicken, I'll put some tomato on there as well as I think it'll go well with it. "That is so tender. It's amazing isn't it, just melts away." So, set aside the egg and beetroot next time and knock up one of these authentic, all-American burgers. Your taste buds will thank you for it.