Reporter: Cassie Silver

It's like a giant jumping castle; this is the ultimate way to get airborne. Ant Morell says he's putting a spring in everyone's step. With over 100 interconnected trampolines and 500 square metres of big air bags and padding, this will have Perth bouncing off the walls.

It's not your typical type of exercise but according to Ant, just ten minutes on these tramps, is the equivalent of thirty minutes on a treadmill.

This morning jumpers both big and small are road testing the trampolines. Its airborne adrenaline rush with a soft landing. And let's our dare devils try new tricks without the risks. Hanging from the hoops and wall climbing like it's never been done before.

Bounce floor supervisors Gareth and Jayden say it's giving kids the security to reach the sky. "As a kid you would have dreamed something like this so it's awesome they actually put it into practise and that so."

And here in Perth Bounce introduces the first super tramp in Australia, the size of two Olympic trampolines in one, "it's for everybody you see the little kids in the back having fun, big kids having fun it's for everyone."

Yep it sure is, even I couldn't help but join the jumpers. Training manager Kim McKinnis says the kids' party scene is reaching new heights. The Bounce business is growing and Ant says they're about to get bigger and better.

From dodgeball to dare devil stunts, just remember what goes up must come down. Bounce opens on Saturday Jan 25th.

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Address: 1371 Albany Highway, Cannington, WA 6107

Bounce Cannington is opening on Saturday the 25th of January

Booking online in advance is recommended as sessions sell out

Bounce grip socks are required at all times while on the trampolines

Minimum age allowed to jump is 3 years old

For safety reasons jumpers under 110cm in height (Junior Jumpers) can only jump: Mon-Thurs 10am-4pm and Fri 9am-4pm (during school term) & Mon-Thurs 10am-12pm and Fri 9am-12pm (during school holidays).