Body Building Nanna

She's super fit - focussed - and just happens to be a grandmother. "Some children would be embarrassed to see their mum in a bikini up on stage wearing high heels but mine are quite proud."

At 55 - Cheryl Callard concedes competing at her age was never on her bodybuilding bucket list.

"I was going to be retired but i think it's great to show people at my age you can still be competitive with the younger age groups."

Cheryl beat women less than half her age to become WA's overall figure champion.

"That's the beauty of natural body a woman it's the best sport in the world because you get better with age if you nourish body and train smart." Michelle Nazaroff is a world champion bodybuilder - Cheryl's coach and her biggest fan.

The sport has a reputation of muscle bound men and women fuelled by steroids - but this dynamic duo say that's a world away from natural bodybuilding.

According to Michelle - here's the secret to Cheryl's success. It's a carefully crafted nutrition diet - a balance of protein and carbs. Michelle Nazaroff says "she's only quite tiny but because of the way we train.the body is transformed into an hour glass figure which looks really sexy and she looks no different to a model who's fully clothed."

A super gran with no sign of slowing down - and ready to flex her muscles on the world stage.

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