Body Builders

Reporter Cassie Silver

They're fit and flexing. Meet the Perth posers proving you can transform yourself at any age.

David Baird is 70, a senior with serious strength. David has been a fitness fanatic his whole life but he's super charged his regime.

He's Perth's Forrest Gump, running 4,000 kilometres at aged 65. From Cottesloe to Manly beach in Sydney in just 112 days.

From pushing to pumping, he's ripped and reaping the rewards winning the INBA Perth classic competition for the over 50's.

David says your strongest muscle, is your brain.

Mandurah mum, Jennifer Rollin-Busby has rebuilt her body from the inside out. Hooked on methamphetamine and marijuana. Jen now has a new addiction, the gym.

"I couldn't do 30 minutes on the treadmill so when I started that's what I started out at 30 minutes and then it gradually increased to one hour" Training 6 days week Jen has dropped 16 kilos in just 9 months, a real bikini body.

The muscle mum placed FIRST at both International Natural Body Building Competitions held this year.

Now to the teenager taking home trophies, 19 year old Ben Nicholas lives and breathes body building. Eating clean and training over 3 hours a day. The burly Ben says it's a lot of work for a few flexes.

"You prep for 14 weeks you put yourself through things I wouldn't even want to talk about. All for 5 minutes of glory"

World Champion body builder and judge Michelle Nazarof says it's all about athletes and alter egos. "When I put that bikini on and those 6 inch heels and that music comes on. Because I look good and I feel great I just want to put on a show for everybody"

11 years of training and over 20 competitions, Michelle says its mind over muscles. "We don't have an on season and an off season like most sports does its 24 hours a day 7 days a week for the rest of your life if you want to be great"

Michelle says gone are the days of the Swarznager size, it's all about being a lean machine.

Natural body building is taking the world by storm, For Michelle the real winners are fit from within. From chin ups to chizzled abs, they're the Perth power houses taking home the prize in every age division.

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