Best Steak Sandwich

Reporter: Graeme Butler

Its the pub fare of champions, the humble steak sandwich and today five of Perth's best will battle it out for the title.

Diners nominated their favourites and the five finalists were chosen from that.

- Alembert Requesto from the Generous Squire

- Robert Ryan from defending champion the Merrywell - Crown Perth

- Fred Atienza from The Bassendean Hotel

- Coco Bang from The Best Brew - Four Points by Sheraton in Perth

and -Mickey Phull from The Karalee on Preston in Como

So what do they reckon is the secret to making the perfect steak sandwich?

Alembert Requesto says "I think they want it simple, tasty and fresh."

Robert Ryan says "You give too much bread it's not good, you have to have the right bread to meat ratio."

Fred Atienza says "Good meat and a good sauce, all three, meat, the sauce, and the bread."

Coco Bang says "This time my concept is eastern meets west."

Mickey Phull says "a good piece of steak, nice portion size, nice and big, and good bread, nice salad, marinated tomatoes."

The Australian Hotels Association organises the annual cook-off to decide who will walk away with bragging rights, the atmosphere is tense.

Now it's up to the judges - each steak sandwich will be judged on criteria including ---- over-all presentation... flavour and sauces.

The competition was tough closely fought - but there can be only one winner and you could cut the air with a steak knife - which one of these will be crowned Perth's best.

The Karalee on Preston in Como wins for 2014, last year an American took the crown this year an India, the Aussie steak sandwich is catching on.

"I really think my sauces were great my steak was good so yeah it is wonderful a bit of a surprise for my parents as well I work in a restaurant and they say so do you make the best butter chicken I say no I can cook a steak."

W.A's best steak sandwich winner:

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