Bed Bugs

They're creepy and they're crawly, and these blood sucking insects have reached plague proportions in Perth.

Has Yeokamaram from Abbs Pest Control says with low cost airlines making travel more affordable, they're seeing homes infected with bed bugs like never before.

Kristy thought her family was being bitten by mozzies; they called the pest control, only to discover they had bugs, hundreds of them, she believes the bed bugs were introduced into her home via a friends backpack.

According to Has bed bugs often hitch a ride on second hand furniture, "road side collections, is one way people can get bed bugs."

And with the warmer weather on its way, bed bugs are about to become more active. Has says there are simple tips to avoid them taking over your home.

When you go travelling check underneath hotel mattress for signs of bed bugs, keep your bags as far away from the bed as possible, and don't put them on the floor - use a luggage rack.

When you get home - wash all your clothes in hot water and don't take your bag straight to your bedroom.

"Call a professional, don't try and sort it out yourself, because there's a good chance you could only make it worse."