Anzac Shirts

Reporter: Graeme Butler

They're the brave service-men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice. And this month, there's a new way to honour their memory.

Australia's first Anzac Day t-shirt.

Frank says "it is a fundraiser and everybody should jump on board and be a part of it and embrace ANZAC"

Frank Lane came up with the idea. He's a FIFO worker, who's never fought in a war, but he's passionate about remembering those who did.

"When I first wore it at the airport I had a few people turning their heads and quite a few people came up to me and asked me and their first question was 'have you got authorisation?' and where can I get one"

Now, they can. The Australian Army has given its blessing for one thousand shirts to be sold to the public.

Glenda Berry is producing the shirts from her Gosnells embroidery business.

Every shirt is a labour of love, two and a half hours to embroider each one, nearly five hundred metres of gold thread used in the Rising Sun logo alone.

Frank says "all the shirts are numbered and you get a certificate of authenticity to go with it"

Profits from sales will go to Legacy, a charity that helps families of fallen soldiers, and to the tenth lighthorse regiment based in Perth's south-eastern suburbs.

Tenth lighthorse President Merv Wilson will use their share of funds to set-up a local museum.

People can orders the shirts until September, if they last that long.

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