Antarctica Flights

It's the last great wilderness on earth, a frozen wonderland at the bottom of the world.

This is the view from 10,000 feet as our Qantas Jumbo glides over Antarctica.

The journey had begun four hours earlier in Perth. 350 passengers ready for the flight of their lives.

4000km from the W.A coast, the clouds part and a single iceberg appears within minutes there are dozens more.

"We fly down to Antarctica usually takes between 3 - 4 hours it usually starts with some icebergs or some floating ice great excitement comes over the aircraft when they're seen and then we roll into the continent."

Bas Bosschieter from Antarctica Flights organises the charter, "the difficulty with Antarctica is it's incredibly hard to get to you go with a ship and it can take between five and seven days incredibly expensive and you're not even guaranteed of getting to the continent just depending on how thick the pack ice is so having a flight where we can cover it in 12 hours I mean there's nothing like people going to work on a Monday and when they're asked what did you do on the weekend well I just popped down to Antarctica and that's what we try and achieve."

For the next four hours changing landscapes of ice--sea and land give the passengers a breathtaking view they'll never forget. "It is a unique opportunity that not a lot of people actually get to do and it is a real privilege and hopefully we can keep Antarctica the pristine continent that it is."

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