Antarctic Flight

It's the ultimate flight to nowhere that takes passengers to a place like nowhere else on earth- Antarctica.

Four hours from Perth and the first ice appears as Qantas 747 glides over the frozen wilderness, from the widows the white of this southern continent unfolds 10,000 feet below, for four hours passengers take turns watching the incredible sight below.

There's only one Antarctic Flight a year from Perth and Luke Mule from Helloworld Travel says a coveted ticket on the Australia Day flight would make the perfect White Christmas gift.

For those who have experienced the breathtaking wonder of this part of the world - it's something that will never be forgotten.

You don't need a passport and the entire trip lasts 12 hours- food is served and drinks. Well they're served with ice, as far as the eye can see.

More details

Antarctic Flight is January 26 (Australia Day).

12 hours return flight departing Perth Domestic airport (Qantas).

Booking can be made directly with Captain's Choice

Helloworld in Morley is also a booking agent

9276 5577

Suite 1

2-6 Bishop Street Morley