Air Museum

These are Perth's magnificent men and their flying machines, guardians of W.As aviation history. It's a bit of a hidden treasure out the back of Bullcreek.

John Harris and Don Crane are called the Lanc Boys; their passion is the Lancaster Bomber they helped bring back to life.

One of their plane was originally donated to W.A in 1962 - it flew in for the closing of the Empire Games - and then was displayed at Perth Airport - kids climbed all over it and the elements took their toll - This year marks 35 years since the Lancaster was re-located to its present site... it was a big move - that made big news, that was the start of a massive restoration project. The Lancaster has now been joined by 30 planes - including a Dakota C-47 and spitfire, the latest acquisition is a Iroquois chopper - the Huey.

There are lots of memories at the aviation heritage museum and plenty of people to share them .The museum is run by the Royal Australian Air force Association - Brian Farr is one of the tour guides.

90 year old Alan Rye's one of the volunteers who have been pitching in, he runs the youth club.

The museum is an incredible collection - there's military aircraft of course but there's also exhibits from our commercial aviation history. It even explores our connection to space but mostly it pays respect to the people who looked to the skies and dared.

Aviation Heritage museum is open daily 10-4 (closed Christmas, Boxing Day, Good Friday)

Bull Creek Dr, Bull Creek WA 6149

(08) 9311 4470