Addition Clothing

Reporter: Cassie Silver

In the world of fashion trends come and go. For 18 year old James Billingham his style is a mix of fashion and philanthropy. The Perth teen has created Addition Clothing a line of shirts that makes charity stylish. From bikes in the Philippines, to chickens in Africa. If it's on the label it goes to a stranger. James says "you potentially change someone's life, I've given someone an education which is amazing considering you'd buy a t shirt anyway" James has teamed with charities in third world countries to make the donations on your behalf. Damon Sparkes says it takes the guilt out of spending. "I just think it's a brilliant idea that you can buy t-shirts such as these that are awesome quality as such as the same price as you would buy elsewhere and its actually doing some good for other people" The shirts are made here in Australia from 100% organic cotton. James is expanding his brand to include bold prints and a line for women.

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