Acne treatment

Most of us would have experienced a break out at one point in our lives but for some it's an ongoing, painful struggle.

Monique Macale had tried just about everything, from ointments to drugs to heal her problem skin.

That was until she heard of a new drug free treatment. Called SGA acne treatment, it's the brainchild of Dr Philippa Mccaffery. "People think acne is just something that affects teenagers but in fact it's a much bigger problem in adults because when adults get acne it tends to be treatment resistant."

She first learnt of the treatment 18 months ago, before adapting it for her patients. "The procedure was actually designed by a Japanese dermatologist who actually had an interest in treating various structures underneath the skin."

It works by targeting the problem cells, which present as pimples and acne. The treatment uses a needle to essentially zap the gland.

Connor Stanton was willing to try anything after spending thousands of dollars trying to treat his acne before he started treatment, his breakouts were constant.

Now after just three months of treatment, the results are outstanding.

Dr Mccaffery says the results across the board have been excellent with a 90 percent success rate.

The treatments cost from 150 dollars a month, making it more affordable on average than other products on the market. "Most people who have persistent, treatment resistant acne have spent thousands on their skin because they do try everything that's out there."